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We also provide logistics - transportation - distribution support & service as Eylul Transport, an institutional firm that needs distribution supply chain.
The corporations that supply the cities that distribution chain can not reach are warehouse hangars and so on. we also undertake daily / weekly / monthly transportation services from the closest warehouses to cities where supply and distribution centers are not available. you can get in touch with us to get detailed information about the issue and expand your distribution supply chain with less cost as a solution partner. Thus, you can solve your problems with HATAY and its surroundings with us where you can not reach.
Why is Eylul Transport?
Expertise Plan: Inspection and evaluation of the locations where the transportation will take place with the experienced personnel before transporting the goods is an inevitable reality for safe transportation. The companies that offer the expertise service are planned and programmed and carry out transportation at the desired time. For this reason, we recommend you to make an expertise plan before sending it to our valued customers.
Safe Packaging: Safe shipping, packaging and packaging operations have a great deal of precaution and require great care. What material should be covered with any material is a very important issue. Incorrect packaging and packaging are also very likely to cause damage. Experienced firms are primarily concerned with this process.
Carriage of Goods: Carriage of goods must be carried out safely and correctly after packing and packaging. Carrying the goods in order to be transported without damage should be placed regularly and carefully so that there is no space between them or at least space is left between them. Because after the vehicle has moved, it can give great damage by rubbing the items together.
Assembling and Designing of Goods: Another subject that has as much pre-loading as vehicle loading is the placement, assembly and design of the goods. The furniture should be carefully designed and downloaded from the car with the same care as it is carefully installed and assembled according to the wishes of the customer. In other words, customer satisfaction must be provided completely from home to home.


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Home From Home Elevated Transport Service

Home To Home Transportation

Our company, which keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground, continues its services from home to home without compromising its reliable service understanding.

Eylul Transport Videos

Check out our insured packaging videos about transport and office transport in and out of town from city to city.

Lift Transport

We offer you a faster and safer transport with our elevator transport option for home-to-home transport services.

Office Transport

We will provide professional solutions to you from home to home delivery company who knows all the details and subtleties of office and business place.

Storage Service

Home to home transport also has warehousing services between our company's services.

Insured Transportation

Eylul Transport is insured for a high price for all your goods before the move.

Packaging Service

We believe that the packaging operation enhances the quality of the haulage services and ensures the safety of the bearer.

Intercity Transportation

Intercity Home to home transportation is trust and experience. Hatay Eylul transportation insures your home and office equipments considering the customers for this situation.

Bank Transport

Hatay Eylul Transportation emphasizes the importance of corporate and individual identity, and shows its outstanding success and enthusiasm in transportation services in banking services.

Factory Transport

The same attention and measure was taken in factory transportation as well as in all transportation services carried out in Hatay Eylul Transport.

Home From Home Transportation Rates Calculator

Even though it is difficult and complicated to transport from home to home, we need to know how much we will pay for moving our home and not change in the middle of the business. The price you move to does not change unless the details you specify with the transport are unchanged.
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