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3 Reasons to Move to Nightmare and How to Avoid These
Nothing much to say. Moving is a really stressful work. But there are simple precautions to be taken in order not to return to a full headache. What do you think we should look at these steps one by one, which is in fact aware of everyone but is not so important?
Problems can arise at every stage of transport. The storm sometimes starts with parking the truck. Sometimes when it is understood that the elevator can not be used to lower goods on the 6th floor, sometimes the storm breaks when it is seen. The list goes on and on.
However, we can collect all these problems under 3 main headings. Here are simple suggestions on how we can leave these bad experiences out of play.
Bad Shipper
Many bad moving stories are played by bad or incompetent shipping companies.
• Late arrivals or outsiders: The time you arrive comes through, but there is no transport truck that seems to be around. You call your shipping company and you need an explanation. It is usually easy to find the description. Like traffic jams, breakdowns, accidents or misplaced dates of transportation ... Thus, the nightmare has already begun before moving. Sometimes you can not reach the shipping company. You have even paid the bills, but the phones are either open or unopened.
• SOLUTION: Staying late is a very good problem that you can live in. When you communicate, be patient when you realize that this is a simple delay or traffic problem. To find out, we recommend that you wait if the position of the truck is immediately followed by a detailed explanation of the problem answer. But be careful if the position of the truck is overtaken with a very general explanation. The important thing here is that communication is not interrupted. If you have been calling a couple of times but the phone does not open, find yourself a new carrier. To avoid misrepresentation of the date of moving, please contact your freight forwarder for two days to move on and remind yourself to not wait for the last day for this reminder. Remind yourself again of what time of day is the day of relocation.
• Inexperienced or inattentive transporter: The incoming transport truck may be small, not enough personnel and transporters who do not supply the packaging material may be able to transport the nightmare. You can see many obvious damage to the post-migration items that you have carried out with such transportation companies.
• SOLUTION: Prepare a list of items for your goods when you have an agreement with your shipping company and share the picture with your shipping company through WhatsApp Learn what size truck you need with Volume Calculator and share it with your shipping company. Share what items you need to pack and how you want to package them. If you do not fulfill these requests, if you tell me well you will not allow me to carry it on the day of the move. Inexperienced companies will run away from you.
• Artist transporter: It happens when you experience the most village-to-house transport experience you can live with such artist and vigilant shipping companies. Moving is so beautiful that when things are going well, sudden mishaps start. The shipping company's authority changes suddenly. The shipping price doubles and if nothing is paid, nothing is said to be done. When you say leave work, you will be asked to pay the agreed price to download the goods loaded on the truck. If no payment is made, the merchandise on the truck indicates that they will be held hostage. They do not leave anything to be done except for the payment, and they become as rude as possible.
• SOLUTION: The fact that such freelancers are so comfortable is that no details of the reasoning other than the interview are written. Because you can not support any objection with a written document. So you are confronted with a carrier who refuses and surrenders every objection. The solution is no matter what details are written Make all of the sms even satisfy this need. Sign a contract before moving. Identify the agreed price and delivery addresses and signatures and titles of the recipients. Add an item list to the contract.
It is very important that you act carefully when choosing your shipping company to avoid encountering this kind of males. When choosing your shipping company, be sure to review customer comments. So you can see how successful the shipping company has failed.
Traffic Problems
Traffic prohibitions and bridge bans and accidents are prohibited when you want to be transported from home.
• Traffic congestion: Trucks are late and begin to distort your plans. You may even miss your flight because of these delays. For this reason, you may want to postpone the move to another day. However, your shipping company may be reluctant to do so.
• SOLUTION: If you have other important plans on the day of relocation, schedule them 4-5 hours after the end of the move, or have a friend accompany you to the haulage company. Delays of 2-3 hours in moving are natural.
• Traffic accidents: The truck in which your belongings are located can interfere with an accident, or you can say goodbye to all your goods after a bigger accident. You may not even see any more of your fires after the fire.
• SOLUTION: The only solution to this is to have an insurance policy in hand before moving. This insurance, called home-to-home insurance, pays you if your property is completely damaged, such as an accident, fire or theft. You can request these insurances from your transportation company as 10Bin 20bin or 50Bin.
• Truck malfunction: If the truck in which your goods are located is malfunctioning, it may not be at the new address. What's more, even a new shipment of goods can take time and this can cause you to lose days.
• SOLUTION: All you need to do here is to be patient and stay in touch with the shipping company. There is not much to do.
• No truck parking: The transport truck can house apartments around the house for hours to get in front of the house. You may not be able to enter because of the cars parked on the street where your house is located. The house may have to park away. In these cases, there is a waste of time. You also have to pay extra because of the long transport distances.
• SOLUTION: Set a parking lot for the truck in front of your house on the day of carriage. If you are sitting in a narrow street such as Şişli, Beyoglu, Fatih, you should definitely call the transportation company you understand or share the pictures of the entrance and the street. You do not want her to come up with a big truck. If necessary 2 small trucks will be ideal for you. In any case, if the truck has to park more than 20 meters from the door of your house, share this with your transporter during the deal. On the Day of Moving, transporters who want to take advantage of the francs can get prices up a lot.
Of course there is nothing we can do to prevent traffic accidents or breakdowns, but we need to take precautions against the possibility of this. But you will have to struggle a bit about parking.
Bad Planning
The only way to achieve a good move is with a good plan. A good plan will show you the possible risks and you will come from above without experiencing it. Otherwise, be prepared so that you are likely to experience all of the situations we will discuss below.
• The chaos returning packing business: You will do the packing, but when the shipper arrives, there is a complete chaos in the unpacked house. The transportation company has not brought enough packaging materials. You do not want your goods to be loaded on the truck without being packed. As a result, it will lose you time and money.
• SOLUTION: If you are going to do packing works, do not leave anything on the day of relocation. If you understand that you can not get out of the business, contact your shipping company at least 1 day in advance and ask them to pack some items for their items and bring them packing materials. Indicate that you will pay within this service.
• Doors that do not pass through the door: You can not fit some of your furniture into your new home. Different solutions may need to be developed for furniture that does not pass through the door. You can stay in the state of renting an elevator or renting a crane.
• SOLUTION: Unfortunately, the only way you can avoid this is by actually looking through the new house. If the new house hall door is not double-winged, make a few measurements to determine if your saloon goods will pass through here. Please contact the furniture company when you think it will not pass. Your double-door refrigerator may not pass through the kitchen door. You can also measure this by measuring. This is accompanied by a furniture and white goods service on the day of relocation with the assistance of the transporters, so that the relocation can be done smoothly.
• Forbidden goods to move: Housewife companies can not carry goods that are not home or office goods. They can reflect this to you if you are fined for these items, or they may never buy these items in the truck. You will be responsible for an accident caused by these items.
• SOLUTION: Find out what these items are and do not load them on the truck. You can learn what items are forbidden by reviewing our article titled "We do not carry these items sadly".
• A second transporter arrives on board: Another unplanned problem is that the day of relocation is at the door of two transporters. It usually carries an early arrival. But what comes next is also about asking the landlord for "fuel oil" with the expression in the sector.
• SOLUTION: This is usually the case when you ask a few of the shipping companies to call you back and ask "Are you Ahmet Nakliyat?", The official on the other end of the phone can say "Yes we are Ahmet Nakliyatız". Even if it's not a company. After that, the shipping company takes the address, moving date and time from you with a few questions. They come a little early in the morning and start moving. Then the second transporter comes in and things get confused. To avoid this situation, record the phone number of the shipping company you understand. At the next negotiations, the shipping company official calling you will share the details you understand if they pass security questions. Security questions can be replicated as simple as "Who do you see?" "Which transport company did you mean?"


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