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How should a good transport company manage the moving process?
There is much more detail than it is supposed to be transported from home to home and this causes a lot of headaches when not paying attention to these details. The more interested in the transportation process, the more detail will be learned and the packaging material, transport agent and transportation vehicle will be supplied according to these details. Now the home market is making pricing immediately with a few simple information. This information makes the pricing of the house number of rooms, where, how many times, where, how many, and when to find out when to move. I have no objection to this but after the agreement has been made, the company does not learn any extra details except for these details. Or, as such, it does not fulfill its duties. Well, how logical is it to move with a company that is doing its duties and I leave it to you.
So, how should a good firm manage the transport process? What steps should a good firm be willing and insistent to achieve after the settlement? We believe that the customer and the company should share the following information in order to carry out a healthy home transportation.
More information about the goods: The company chooses transportation truck according to the volume of your goods. For this reason, your child should know clearly how much. In addition, according to your goods packaging material and transport to determine the team to carry out the work. If there is not enough information about your goods in the company, your goods may not fit into the transport truck, the packaging material may be less and less workers come, the transportation is more difficult and may take longer. If nobody wants to have them, we need to take our precaution and ask them to create a list of goods. If there is an opportunity to make an appraisal, we should create a list of articles and share a copy with our customer during the appraisal process. A company that wants to provide good service should not see these steps as a torment and should be happy in every transport.
The location of the house and how to carry it: After the goods in your home are packed, they are transported and transported to the transportation vehicle. If the haulage truck cannot get enough home, or if you cannot enter the street where your house is located, it will make transportation very difficult or impossible. In this case, either the number of the working team should be increased or the transfer to the transport truck should be made with a smaller vehicle in both cases significantly changes the price. This situation causes huge crises when the day of relocation is revealed. Especially in Şişli and Beyoğlu districts, this situation is frequently experienced. In some sites, the transportation truck cannot enter the building or approach the building. To solve this situation is more simple than preparing a list of products, we live in the age of technology now we all have a camera phone in the pocket of the street and the building entrance to take pictures and free applications (Whatsapp) via the shipping company to share enough. The firm must also direct and persuade its customers to share the picture.
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Whether the goods are packed and how to make a packing: One of the mishaps in the process of moving from home to the transporter and customer communication is not very good in the kitchen utensils and other small items are the subject of who will be able to handle. In the event of this situation, the transport company can arrive home without the domestic parcel. You're going to buy parcels again, and you're going to pack. To prevent these tensions, which items are packed and which packaging materials should be used must be mutually offset.
Preparing a transport contract: The company and the client should share their mutual agreement issues in written form. It gets better in both sides. As the company remembers which contract it gives to the contract, the customer knows that you will not make any requests beyond the contract terms. We recommend that you make a contract on both sides of each condition and that you have prepared a sample transport contract within both parties. However, we hear excuses do not have a contract, do not hide behind this excuse a paper and the willingness of the two sides of the agreed conditions are written on the paper is signed. It's as simple as preparing a contract. However, the rate of contracting in the home sector is very low. I am a company that does not care to carry goods without a good shipping company contract.
Insuring goods against accidents and other risks: Every sane home transport company takes a precaution to protect itself against accidents. The firm is the best company that guarantees both itself and its customer's goods with transportation insurance in case of damage of all goods such as accident and fire.
d. I'm afraid of the company's customer to insure the good part of the company, I think the firm does not even deserve the name of the front. Of course, there are also more shipping companies that add more features to this insurance. These lies are said to grab the job like iyor if your item is covered için. After the transportation is over, it is being learned that no lunch is a fuse but it is getting late. A good company does not mislead the customer with such lies.
Support from home: There may be some mishaps in the moving process, or sometimes the customer cannot find the item he / she is looking for in that complex. The firm needs to be as helpful as possible in these situations and should be able to help as much as possible. Sometimes (in fact) often impossible to reach the firm after the mishaps, the company believes that contact is protected. Just like the ostriches buried their heads in the sand sa But even if it is a simple situation, this miscommunication situation is nothing more than fueling the crisis. Do not hesitate to contact the proverb yap The sweet tongue snake comes out of its hole ”and plan what you will do on it.


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Home From Home Elevated Transport Service

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